Five Things You Should Never Say to a Transgender Man on a Date

You have always had the desire of dating a transgender man and have finally come across one.

The only thing that must be coming to your mind in such situation is whether he has found you interesting enough to call for a date. Believe me there are thousands of ways to make a man call you for a date and all those tricks also work on trannies. Thus you should never waste your time thinking about whether you will be called for a date; instead start planning how you will dress what accessories you will wear and so on. Additionally, you should also learn certain dos and don’ts; for instance, you should know about things that you should never day to a transgender man on a date. Read on to know about things that you should never utter when on a date with a transsexual man. Also, you may see such transsexual men in Runetki.

Never ask him what is real name was. If you do so, the person will feel humiliated and will never be able to act confidently during the rest of the time he spends with you.

You may have a number of questions about the transgender man’s sexual prowess, but you should never let him understand that. Never ask him questions like: «do you still act like a girl when on bed». As an expert, I can tell you that with time you will surely understand whether the person you are meeting has any attribute of his previous self left in him.

Never ask him what forced him to change his body so drastically for being accepted as a real man. When a transman will find you asking this question, he will quickly know that you have come for the date only to find answers to some questions regarding transgender individuals and not to have a good time or build a new relationship.

Statistics suggest that 90% of the transgender men do not undergo phalloplasty.

This means there are high probabilities that the transman you meet do not have a dick. Never ask any direct question about this; continue the conversation in a way so that the tranny himself informs you about his status.

You might find that the transman you have met still has some feminine features. However, still don’t call him by names like «Kitten», «Sugar», «Babe» etc.

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